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araERP is an enterprise resource planning software where you can manage the overall business from order management, finance, accounting, inventory management, production, supply chain and warehouse operations. With the help of araERP one can make better decisions as you can get a summary level report or in-depth knowledge of the business accounts.


With araERP one can,

Automate financial processes.
Gain inventory control.
Supply chain management.
Flawless order management.
Increase warehouse efficiency.


Challenges you can solved through araERP

Manual Processes. Automate and streamline manual processes that waste time and resources.

Data Accessibility. Quickly and easily access real-time data across the organization.

Data Integrity. Provide stakeholders with timely, accurate financial statements, inventory reports and more.

Meeting Expectations. Deliver promised order accuracy, on-time delivery and cost savings.

Balancing Supply and Demand. Manage supply chains in the face of rapid change, rising costs and shifting buyer behavior.

Inventory Insights. Plan and balance inventory to meet demand.