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araHMS is the only software solution that you need to run and manage the organizational aspect and administration of the hospital. araHMS allows you to have Outpatient management, In patient management, appointments, laboratory,e-prescriptions, Pharmacy management, portals for doctors, patients and staff, medical billing, accounting, HR management and payroll.


Benefits of araHMS

Total ControlHave all the information of your clinic and your patients just one click away

Save timeDesigned to save you time and improve the management of your clinic

Patient FirstSpend as little time as possible on paperwork and focus on what really matters: your patients

Improve the patient experienceMake your patients loyal with personalized communications and online appointments.

Automate tasksReduces workload, customizable medical records and automatic business reports.

Increase revenueOptimize the management of your hospital, reduce costs, and improve decision making.