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Mobile Innovation Strategy

ARA Innovative Solutions in Chennai is an Indian based company for Mobile Application services as listed as IOS Applications, Mobile Applications, Blackberry Applications, windows Applications, HTML5 Applications, and Cross Platform Applications. We develop our product in a new cutting edge technology to get more effective and user-friendly for all end Users.

ARA Innovative Solutions develop for Our applicants best custom mobile apps to friendly incorporate their data origin to securely handle each mobile application from a best online CMS, Our experts has 5+ years experience in Mobile app development.


Native App Development

Native app development means using the native programming languages of the devices to build the app. For iPhone, the native programming language is Objective C and the new Swift. For Android, the native programming language is Java.

Hybrid apps are developed using web technologies: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, then put inside a native container such Adobe PhoneGap. These native containers run the web application code and package it into an app. Both technologies: hybrid (HTML5, CSS and Javascript) and native can creates apps that are downloadable for iPhone and Android, at Google Play or apple iTunes app Store.



ARA offers best IOS Development company in Chennai in Native Platform for Android,Windows, IOS & Black Berry Developments. We offers complete procedure of iOS applications with multi hours of testing from our team and clients end.


  • Requirement Gathering
  • Document preparation
  • IOS App Design
  • Finding right style
  • IOS App Development
  • Integration
  • QA and Testing
  • Final Delivery



A Linux shared hosting plan is the preferred choice for most individuals, proprietorship firms, and small and medium scale enterprises. It is an ideal hosting plan for first time website owners or those with limited budgets. Linux hosting provides rock solid stability and a highly customizable technology backend at very reasonable costs. Being an open source platform, it is a favorite with website designers and developers globally.

ARA provides highly resilient, scalable and affordable Linux shared hosting solutions to power our client websites. Our plans are loaded with a bunch of attractive features that make hosting simple, easy and fast. All our Linux hosting plans are bundled with free Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Space and Unlimited email and Chat Support. In addition, we possess the expertise to host enterprise software and applications based on individual client request and requirements.


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