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UI / UX Design

Your internet site stands as the digital face of your organization and we try hard to design a website that offers a great virtual presence for your enterprise and expands the digital visibility of your brand. We put in loads of effort in developing and conceptualizing the UI/UX designs for your website which enables you to stand out from the crowd. To make sure that our UI/UX design stands proud our group of experts will keep track of the vision and concept with which the website UX is created.


Static & Dynamic Website

Static webpage is a webpage that is delivered to the user exactly the same way as it is stored. Static webpages provides improved security and performances which only uses basic HTML code to generate the pages. Dynamic websites generate pages in real-time. The flexibility of the content and structure makes it possible to customize what a user experiences based on their request or the browser they use. Designing of dynamic webpages done through programming language like PHP, C#, or Python by our team at ara, and the websites process requests and typically pull in content from an external database or a content management system (CMS).


Responsive Website Design

At ara, we design responsive webpages which changes the appearance of the website for user comfort when there is a change in screen size, orientation, and the type of device being used for viewing the website to reach out to the large number of audience who use the different type hand held device of different sizes.